New Providence School Crossing Guard and Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon was recently held at Moe's Bistro on Central Avenue to let these unsung heroes know how much they are appreciated.

 Mayor Al Morgan and Police Chief Anthony Buccelli thanked the crossing guards. "We want to thank the dedicated crossing guards who protect and watch over our children, keeping them safe to and from school every day, no matter the weather. It's not an easy job. We very appreciative of their service. Thank you," said Mayor Morgan.

The lunch served as a reminder of the great work done by school crossing guards every morning and afternoon to safely get New Providence’s students to and from school in the heat, cold, and rain. 

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Drivers should take caution and pay attention while driving, better understand school zone laws and be observant of pedestrians at cross walks.

Special speed limit signs are posted around schools to alert drivers they are entering and/or leaving a school zone. It is important to abide by the noted speed limit.  Some, but not all, school zones have yellow flashing lights; therefore, it is very important to pay attention while driving especially in unfamiliar areas.  Also, some school zones have signs stating no right turns on red lights during school zone hours.

The school crossing guards have noticed that too many drivers are texting or talking on their cell phones while driving in school zones.  It is against the law to text and drive.  

Pay close attention to school zones and follow the directions of the school crossing guards. They have an important job to do and all drivers should make it as safe as possible for students to get to and from school.