SUMMIT, NJ - As winter rapidly approaches, the image of a luscious green garden packed with colorful flowers and plants seems like a far-off oasis. But, in a few months, producing such desirable foliage will be the goal of almost every homeowner in the area.

Certainly not all of us are blessed with the “green thumb” necessary to yield these results on our own. Luckily, for those living in Summit and surrounding towns, D’Amico Landscaping is able to provide almost any gardening and landscape construction need.

Chuck D’Amico, owner of D'Amico Landscaping, understands the importance of maintaining a strong connection to the local community and runs a business that is predicated on the strength of its reputation. D’Amico, 37, is a graduate of New Providence High School. He has three young children, some of whom are just old enough to attend pre-school in the area.

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The business takes pride in participating in various community service initiatives.  Not only does D'Amico donate to his local church, but he supports the New Providence’s High School football team. In the past, D’Amico Landscaping has collaborated with the local Boy Scout chapter to deliver mulch to Saltbrook Elementary School in New Providence.

Despite the natural propensity to associate a landscaper’s work solely with the growing season, D’Amico Landscaping provides services for every time of the year: “In the spring, we usually do lawn cleanups, mulching, and planting as well as the construction of patios and walls. In the fall, we concentrate on raking and organizing the leaves. In the Fall, we recommend, thatching, reseeding and fertilizing, which removes the dead grass and debris, allowing for more air and nutrients to get down to the soil to help prepare the grass for a healthier start in the Spring.  In the winter, we focus mainly on snow plowing.”

Unlike some of his local competitors, D’Amico consistently procures the required state licensing to do construction and landscaping work in the area. This certification helps to ensure that each of D’Amico’s customers receives high quality work administered in an honest and ethical fashion. D’Amico's professionalism has also engendered employee loyalty:  two of his core four employees have been with the organization for the last decade, providing continuity that has led to positive business growth.

Almost every industry related to the housing market has seen business decline as a result of the recent economic downturn. D’Amico Landscaping is no exception when it comes to its construction service. However, D’Amico has found creative ways to overcome this adversity.  “This year, I did more landscape maintenance and manicuring of lawns and gardens as opposed to construction. The phone calls just really are not coming in for the construction type of work in comparison to before. It is understandable because of the economy, but I think it will come back soon,” he said.

D’Amico consistently shows a willingness to adjust his initial work plan to meet his client’s individual needs. As his bookkeeper Anne Detlet put it, “He is able to take a plan from the beginning concept to the end while incorporating the customer’s input at every step of the way. He is able to get a sense of what his customers like and don’t like. People want to know what they are getting for their money, and Chuck is very good at providing the time and information needed to ensure that the end-result is exactly what they want. “

While the brisk winds of November remain a chilling reminder that winter is on the way, D’Amico Landscaping is a one-stop shop for any person’s lawn-care needs, regardless of the time of year.