Someone once said signs don’t vote. In a campaign season, as we are in now, political campaign signs are everywhere. The names on the signs important, but look at the message below the names.

Take for example, the message from Marc Krauss, Mark Martini, and Ira Geiger, their message is, “For A Better Union County.” This is a simple but powerful statement that they want to make Union County a better place for everyone regardless of political affiliation.

As you drive up and down Route 22, and see the sign pollution of blue signs with neon green lettering, the message Democrats Linda Carter, Bette Jane Kowalski and Sergio Granados are using is, “Democrats For Union County.”

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Keep in mind, based on current estimated voter registration in Union County, the split is 45% Unaffiliated, 40% Democrat, and 15% Republican. The Democrats care more about their 40% than the all the residents these At-Large Freeholders claim they represent.

Then if you look closer at the Democrat signs you will notice that there is a giant “A” to the left of their names. Their focus is not voting for the individual based on qualifications to serve the people, but to support the party ticket by putting the party above the people. These are the same signs and the same message the All-Democrat Board of Freeholders have been recycling for 15 years. What has it cost you? Millions in wasted spending, party patronage, higher taxes and the list goes on.

Vote for Krauss – Martini – Geiger For Freeholders on November 5th in Column B

It’s time, “For A Better Union County”