NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - For their Take Action Project, New Providence’s Girl Scout Daisy Troop 45063 planted a garden at an elderly community member’s home on May 14 as part of their Flower Garden Journey. The project is designed to be a sustainable task that additionally gives back to the community.

After voting on which project to execute, the girls decided to plant a garden at Mrs. Prendeville’s home, a 98-year-old former Girl Scout and Girl Scout Leader who is also a neighbor of one of the girls, Molly Kehoe.

At Mrs. Prendeville’s home, the girls planted many of her favorites, including Queen Anne’s Lace, seeds for pink and blue wildflowers and other annual plants. Out of Troop Leader Mary Housel’s garden, the girls transferred perennials to Mrs. Prendeville’s, including irises, bleeding hearts, mums, coneflowers, peonies, anemones and lilies.