The legacy of LCpl. Christopher B. Cosgrove III, killed in action in Iraq, 2006, lives on this dynamic, historically accurate rendition of the D-Day Invasion.  In the newly released middle reader book, “The Fighting Hawks at D-Day”, the readers live through the terrifying experiences of the men who landed on Omaha Beach and parachuted into Normandy on that fateful day, June 6, 1944.  Fighting alongside Christopher, Kevin and Brian as they land on the deadly Omaha Beach and Wags, Will and Jack who parachute into Normandy in the hours before the invasion begins, the reader learns the dangers our soldiers faced as they tried to defeat Nazi Germany.

Set in Military History class at boot camp, Christopher discovers a portal in the American flag that takes him back to the D-Day invasion of Normandy.  There, he meets Kevin, Brian, Wags, Will and Jack as they prepare to launch the biggest invasion in the history of the world.   Survival is not guaranteed as they face the onslaught of German gunfire as they land in Normandy.

Woven into this exciting, dramatic story is the history and purpose of the D-Day invasion.  Young readers will learn our history by living through it, and gain a new appreciation for the freedoms they enjoy each day.  Even children who do not like to read will be enthralled by this story.  For older readers, it is a quick overview of the D-Day Invasion, the reasons it succeeded, and the missteps along the way.   

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“The Fighting Hawks at D-Day” is a tribute to the author’s stepson,

LCpl. Christopher B. Cosgrove III.  He loved this country.  In this series, Christopher lives on teaching children about American History and the battles that kept them free.  “The Fighting Hawks at Pearl Harbor” will be released soon.

“The Fighting Hawks at D-Day” can be purchased through in paperback immediately and in ebook format on December 3rd.  It is perfect for home schooling, school reports, summer reading or as a Christmas or birthday gift.  Give the gift of United States history to your children and grandchildren.  More information can be obtained by going to