Start by discovering your relationship with food.  You should be eating because you are hungry and the body needs nourishment.

Always plan your meals to be 20 minutes. This is very important as this time will tell your brain you are eating. Plus, it gives you time to truly eat your meal and just not inhale the food.

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Try to feel that your food is your friend and not your enemy. Before each meal try some breathing exercises first. (4 deep breaths in through the nose 4 counts- inhaling and out through the nose 8 counts- exhaling.

Always use a knife and fork when you eat.  This will help to avoid snacking later or eating too much.

Always cut your portions into small bites. Only put small bites of food into your mouth.

Learn to chew each mouthful 30 times. Often the true flavor of the food doesn’t come out until after you chew the food to a liquidity state. Rediscover the texture of the food, the flavor, hear yourself chewing.

Be aware of your first burp. The first burp is a signal that your stomach is full. See if you continue to eat after your first burp. Do you clean your plate even if you are full? Start listening to your body. Take notice when you are full and stop eating at that point even if there’s food left on your plate. Wrap it up and save it for the next meal.

Take notice and write in a food journal why are you eating? Are you really hungry? Are you eating out of habit? Are you eating because you are bored?

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