NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - New Providence Mayor J. Brooke Hern informed The Alternative Press at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1, that in the last thirty minutes or so, half of the 3,500 households served by the main substation in New Providence have had their power restored.  JCP&L had expected to restore all 3,500 households using that substation last night but ran into unexpected difficulties last night.

The Mayor said JCP&L worked throughout the night and this morning to restore the power and is continuing to work currently.  Hern added that the other half of the 3,500 households are projected to receive power tonight.  When that occurs, there will be approximately 1,000 households still without power.  At that point, JCP&L will begin working on the other two substations in New Providence to get those households power.

Regarding last night's optimistic forecast, Hern told The, "Sometimes things change unexpectedly.  Storm damage is complicated.  Our residents should continue to be prepared for the worst but there is reason for hope that most, if not all, will have power today, tomorrow or on Saturday." 

As for Hern's advice to New Providence residents, he said, "Be patient.  JCP&L is working hard and is providing resources and attention so power can be restored for our residents."