Researchers at Kessler Foundation in West Orange, NJ are studying new ways of combating breast cancer-related weakness & fatigue. These symptoms can diminish quality of life & often last long after treatment has ended. If you are a woman aged 40-75, who was diagnosed with breast cancer within the past 10 years*, you may qualify for this important research study.

We are examining the effects of handgrip exercise on muscle strength & fatigue, & correlating these effects with changes in the brain. Participants will come to Kessler Foundation in West Orange, NJ for an enrollment visit & 5 measurement visits over a 3-month period. During these visits, participants will have an MRI brain scan & EEG brain recording while performing handgrip exercises. Participants are randomly assigned to one of three groups wherein they either receive no training or 1-hour training sessions, 5 days a week for 6 weeks in West Orange, NJ, your home, or place of work. 

All participants receive $300 for the testing visits. Participants selected for a handgrip exercise group receive an additional $900. 

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For more information contact:

Samantha Schmidt at 973-243-6812 or email


*Additional inclusion criteria is required.