1.  My strength is my ability to communicate with and represent a large and important part of New Providence. I will work toward a government of respectful and open representation for all. I am a mother of three children involved in youth and sports programs and a volunteer in scouts, school, and the same church I attended as a child. I have strong ties to and an appreciation for New Providence. I will consider and seek out the views of all residents when making decisions thus ensuring a voice for the “rest of New Providence."

2.  The first responsibility of local government is to keep taxes low and ensure the most efficient government possible. Additionally, I will focus on families and community involvement. I am interested in positively affecting our recreation and library capabilities. I want to ensure the safety of residents with an adequate police force. I believe local government should work for the people they serve. Effective communication is the key to making decisions that reflect the needs of the entire community. I will work toward keeping New Providence the great town it is. 

Biographical Information:

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Active in scouts, school, community, and youth programs.

Presbyterian Church member.

Mother of three, ages 10, 7, and 2.

Work experience: public relations and communications.

Married to life-long New Providence resident, David.

Tulane University and Summit High School graduate.