WASHINGTON, D.C – Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07) today defended the popular Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan at a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee.   The hearing focused on the Administration’s proposed rule that would essentially eliminate choice and competition from the program, which would threaten to cancel existing health care plans and possibly raise premiums and drug costs.  Lance questioned the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on the proposed changes to the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan and its effect on New Jersey senior citizens. 

“The Administration has proposed drastic changes to the popular Medicare Part D program, which will harm senior citizens across the Nation,” said Lance after the hearing.   “Since its creation in 2003, Part D has not only provided access to important life-saving and life-enhancing medications for the vast majority of America’s seniors, but also the program has routinely come in under budget.  The Administration should leave programs that work well alone.”  

The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan is a voluntary program that is very popular with senior citizens.   It is structured to encourage competition between plans which has resulted in lower premiums and more options for beneficiaries.  Participants can choose between quality, affordable plans for their prescription drug coverage and premiums average $32 dollars per month.

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“Rather than recognizing the successes of the Medicare Part D program, the Administration is again overreaching into their effort to remake our Nation’s health care industry,” continued Lance.  “This rule comes on the heels of the Administration’s announcement of payment cuts to the popular Medicare Advantage program. America's senior citizens are the latest victims of President Obama's broken promise, 'If you like your health care you can keep it.' Changes to Medicare Part D and cuts to Medicare Advantage coupled with the more than $300 billion in cuts to Medicare mandated under Obamacare, will mean millions of senior citizens will potentially lose the plans, benefits, doctors and financial protection they currently have and enjoy.  I will fight it every step of the way.” 

Watch Lance’s line of questioning.