Over the past several weeks, I have read many e-mails and articles dealing with Oakwood Park and which of the candidates support or oppose the deal with the County.  As I have stated publicly, if elected, I will support the outcome of the referendum.  Of significance is that Oakwood Park is only one issue confronting our residents.  Not one of my opponents has addressed the budgetary time bomb we are all facing next year.  The voters must consider who has the qualifications to deal with our fiscal future.

Tomorrow, you will vote for council members that you think can lead our Borough through these difficult times.  Now is not the time to take a chance on individuals with little or no qualifications.   The Council will have the very difficult task of having to do more, with less.  The Council will have to negotiate union contracts that are both fair to the employees and to the residents.  The Council will have to figure out ways to bring in business and additional tax revenue to the Central Avenue and Mountain Avenue corridors.  Hopefully, this will be done through an Economic Development Committee as Councilman Gennaro and I have suggested. 

Councilman Gennaro, the current chair of the Borough Finance Committee, is responsible for over $700,000.00 in savings in our budget and is also the reason why our budgeted expenditures are less this year, as compared to last.  He is the president of an engineering company that employs over 200 individuals at 5 locations.  Councilman Gennaro’s education and qualifications are without reproach.

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I am a New Jersey Supreme Court approved mediator, litigator and frequent lecturer on family law issues.  I am a former municipal prosecutor, having prosecuted several thousand municipal court matters.  I am a trustee of the Union County Bar Association.  I was appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court to investigate and decide fee disputes between attorneys and clients, and ethics violations committed by attorneys.  I have an undergraduate degree in accounting from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.  

Hope is not a platform, change is not an agenda.  Bringing families and community together alone will not solve New Providence’s budgetary problems. New Providence needs real leaders, with real qualifications and with real ideas.   Vote Rob Munoz and Michael Gennaro on November 2nd.