I am writing to offer my complete support for Jamie Baer Peterson and Keith Doll for the New Providence Borough Council. 

Jamie and Keith listen more than they talk.  They have visited thousands of homeowners and apartment dwellers during this campaign to hear what is great about New Providence and what still needs improvement.  They have taken the time to listen and will continue to serve as the voice of New Providence residents.

Jamie and Keith have a work ethic that is second to none.  They have spent thousands of hours during the campaign and that work ethic will reap great rewards for our community when they are elected.  They are committed to keeping New Providence safe, clean, and friendly to the environment.

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Jamie and Keith love to work with and lead others.  As a professional singer and teacher, Jamie collaborates with conductors, singers, parents, and/or students every day.  Whether on the concert stage at Lincoln Center or in a local music rehearsal room, Jamie partners with an extremely diverse group on behalf of others.  As an oncology nurse at Sloan Kettering, Keith serves on a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, and administrators on behalf of patients and their families.  His communication skills are direct while being sensitive, caring and contextual.  New Providence needs Council members who work on teams, who understand the importance of communication, and who value working with a diverse community. 

Finally, our children are now witnessing an unhealthy way of governing at the national level.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a New Providence Borough Council with representatives from both the Republican and Democratic parties working hand in hand?  Let’s make that dream a reality on November 7.  Thank you. 

John Leister