Dear Council Member-

I attended the Borough Council meeting on Feb 12, 2018.  I brought my 2 young children to this meeting to see democracy in action in our new hometown but I was left speechless. 

It was an obvious display of overreach by the Borough Council.  It absolutely makes no sense at all that the Council wants Three Council Members to attend every Volunteer Committee meeting in order to prevent the Mayor from attending. This ordinance also demands full control of the Volunteer Committees communications and Facebook pages. 

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They are, in essence, trying to control the narrative and censor all of the Volunteer Committees.

I am a member of the CSA (Community Service Association) attending meetings and events along with attending events sponsored by the Diversity Committee.  It seems maybe the council needs to be reminded why the Diversity Committee was created in the first place. 

Councilperson Geoffroy stated that Volunteer Committees would  be more efficiently run with Three Councilmembers attending. In my experience, this would essentially stifle the creativity of the Volunteer Committees and intimidate the Volunteer Committee Members. It also prevents the Mayor from attending any Volunteer Committee Meetings.

Aside from that, the treatment of Mayor Morgan during the meeting was reprehensible.  Wild accusations were thrown around without any information to back them up. 

If the Mayor or his family are unduly "influencing" people or doing something unethical, I want to know about this and I'm sure others would, too.  It was totally inappropriate to make those accusations in such a public forum. 

The aggressiveness toward the Mayor and the residents that attended and raised questions was completely inappropriate, unprofessional and childish under any circumstances but certainly not during such a public forum. 

And it was VERY clear that anything we, the concerned citizens of New Providence, had to say fell on deaf ears.  We could talk all we wanted but the Borough Council was obviously going to do whatever they wanted.

I’d like to remind Councilman Gennaro that all citizens of New Providence have a right to attend any public meeting of the Council.  After seeing this display of “democracy”, I intend to be at many more Borough Council meetings.



Amy Mascarina