WEST ORANGE, NJ - "Lot B" rocked the house on Saturday night at Suzy Que's Restaurant and Bar on South Valley Road in West Orange. The band plays classic and contemporary rock. It consists of four talented members: Brooke Hern on rhythm guitar, Larry Viarengo on lead guitar, Joe Licinski on percussion, and Ted Whitmore on bass.
While all the members of of the foursome contribute vocals, Hern - who also leads New Providence as the borough's mayor - is the lead vocalist. The band has a perfect blend of great instrumentals and excellent vocal harmonies. "Lot B" got a terrific reception on from the crowd that filled the bar area to enjoy the music. One member of the audience commented, "I love this band. I would like to hear them again and again." Another patron, Sean Clayton of West Orange complimented them. He said, "The band has excellent guitar playing. They sound great."
Lot B's performance on Saturday night included selections by Simon and Garfunkel, Jimmy Hendrix, and The Monkees. Guitarist Larry Viarengo said that the band picks songs that accent the vocals. Hern said he has been playing guitar ever since he was quite young and throughout college. In recent months, he has been playing in the area with "Lot B" including gigs in Chatham, Chester, and at Suzy Que's in West Orange. Owner Susan Hoffberg was pleased to welcome "Lot B" to her restaurant and said that Suzy Que's has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere like "Cheers."
The restaurant serves a variety of authentic southern barbeque. On Saturday, many of the customers stayed after dinner to enjoy the music. Carlos Robinson, manager of Suzy Que's said, "We have live music on Fridays and Saturdays including all styles, rock, jazz, and soul. We also have the best barbeque in the area."
The members of "Lot B" have the talent and versatility that will undoubtedly make their group one of the area's most popular rock bands.