NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – A borough resident is spearheading a community Day of Service in memory of her niece Courtney Wilczewski, who died tragically at the age of 22. The event is scheduled for May 13 and it is organized by Jeanne Lawton, Courtney ‘s maternal aunt.

Courtney passed away from injuries sustained in an auto accident in Connecticut two years ago on May 26, 2015. She was a graduate of Providence College and planned a career in the medical field. According to Lawton she was a generous person who worked with special needs children. One time when still at college Courtney went to the local grocery store and found the cashier in a bad mood. In order to brighten the cashier’s bad day Courtney brought her a bouquet of flowers. This event depicts the essence of Courtney’s being – a person with a big heart always willing to help others.

This act of kindness sparked her large extended family and friends to create a Facebook page “Spread Love and Honor for Court” as well as to give back to people and the community. The group organized its first community service event in Garden City, Long Island last year.

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his year the group of approximately 50 family members and friends will come to New Providence to clean-up and “beautify” the downtown area. The group will also hold a bingo match for senior citizens at the DeCorso Community Center from 10:30-12:30. All seniors are welcome, Lawton said. There will be prizes as well.

At noon the group will begin their downtown clean-up work. The team will be wearing matching shirts. While the family and friends are still recovering from their tremendous loss, the event helps them to heal and keep Courtney’s memory alive.

The council approved the event at its Monday, April 24 meeting.