NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - In an effort to uphold their mantra of providing their patrons a family friendly environment, Prestige Diner provided its customers with live entertainment Wednesday night, in the form of The Magician Simon Mandal. 

The internationally known New Jersey native illusionist stopped by the restaurant during dinner hours, performing various tricks, baffling his audiences with card tricks and other sleight of hand acts. 

Mandal was captivated with magic at the early age of 9, when he witnessed a show featuring two magicians who hilariously debated who would be the one to enter the guillotine, for their guillotine act. Mandal explains that from that moment he was enamored with magic and began studying the magician’s craft.

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Mandal incorporates comedy into his performances, a feature he learned from his private lesson with Gazzo Osborne and Whit Haydn. This, in addition to his time studying acting and drama at the Mason Gross School of the Arts and at The William Esper Studio, where he studied comedy.

“Do you guys have time for one more trick,” Mandal asks one table. Chantal Kullman from Summit responds, “do as many as you want, we came to see you.” News of Mandal making an appearance at the Prestige Diner spread into the neighboring towns, Kullman is a delighted regular at the diner, but the magician was the icing on the cake,

 “We usually come here a couple times a month,” explained Kullman, adding, “This diner is very family friendly and has a lot of things to entertain children.” Chantal Kullman was accompanied by her sister Tara Kullman, and their kids, both agreed that they preferred this Diner over most in the area because of its “homier” feeling, and their opinion holds a great deal of weight, as they are the granddaughters of the New Jersey famous Sam Kullman, who built diners across the state. 

As buzz about Mandal the magician began to grow, customers like Tom Kennedy approached owner Jimmy Vardas about Mandal the magician, “the kids are going crazy,” exclaimed Kennedy. 

Kennedy is another frequent patron, who enjoys Prestige Diner, for its great food, convenience, and now magician acts. Kennedy inquired about whether the magician show will be reoccurring, Vardas responded “I’m thinking about once a month.”

The sentiments from Kullman, Kennedy, and other guests are notions Vardas strives for, “Prestige has always been about bringing family together, and having a magician is fun for the family, while they eat good food,” proclaimed Vardas.