To the Editor:

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend tonight's Planning Board meeting when Donho Li, the purported business owner, comes back to our Town of New Providence to attempt to make a laughingstock of our town.

I would really appreciate it if The Alternative Press would reprint the article when Cong Rang Wang appeared last time. (Editor's note: Here is a link to that article)

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Mr. Wang was the supposed business owner the last two times he appeared before the town. As an eyewitness and participant in the second meeting, Mr. Wang had no license, had no idea where he was attending school to obtain a "massage" license, had no address for his purported prior business other than stating somewhere in Freehold, gave a Manhattan address that I personally put into Mapquest and came up with an arrow in a crosswalk.

Also, Mr. Wang said he closed his Freehold business because the landlord said Mr. Wang's business "made too much money." He actually stated that "his boss" drives him and others from Manhattan to "somewhere on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City" to get his, I am sure highly qualified, license. Mr. Wang, through his interpreter (who, by the way was not an independent party but his very own lawyer and had not been sufficiently, or possibly legally, qualified to act as an interpreter), had stated there was no age limit on who would be given a massage in his massage parlor. In fact, he stated he would be willing to give children massages if they walked into his shop and asked for one. I am a little tired of the only place in town for my daughters being nail salons, but having her walk into a massage parlor with her friends is completely ridiculous. (If you think I am kidding, I urge you to read the transcript from the meeting.)

Mr. Wang never saw the drawings made by, so he said, his own architect and could not answer one pertinent question. I challenge the citizens of New Providence to read the transcripts from that meeting. There will be a shower in the massage parlor? Really? I hope the Planning Board understands that the proposed massage parlor and shower will be located in the same corridor as Strawberry Fields, the favorite spot of OUR CHILDREN of New Providence.  How lovely.

At the end of this absurd meeting, Cong Rang Wang announced, despite this being his second appearance before the town, that we were in for another wonderful surprise. He had his very own partner who was in the audience. Our elected officials admitted they had no idea there was a partner since for some inexplicable reason no one else was listed on any of the paperwork. How convenient, when he was admonished for not having a license. Behold, by magic, Donho Li stood up and took the Planning Board by surprise. She claimed to have the appropriate license, despite never participating in the application process before that very moment. Her qualifications did not include understanding any of the applicable regulations governing "massage parlors." Now she is coming back as  the business owner. Where is Mr. Wang? Does this strike anyone on the Planning Board or our elected officials as curious? 

This is a complete and utter embarrassment. Dear Planning Board, please tell me and the citizens of New Providence that you will not permit this parlor to locate in the center of our town.  Is this the best business our elected officials are able to attract? Please do not make this town a joke. By the way, what happened to the ordinance that the Board was drafting to prevent this very situation?

Marla Carleen
New Providence