Al Morgan tops the GOP ticket for Mayor of New Providence on the Republican Primary ballot this June 8th. Al's proven record of leadership and fiscal responsibility earned him the coveted first line by an overwhelming majority. The local GOP committee stated, "New Providence needs Morgan's proven leadership especially now."

"We are all so pleased that Mayor Al Morgan is able to return to New Providence's helm. Al is a tried and true leader with proven ability to bring everyone together," stated former Council President Terri Keller. She added, "His record of fiscal responsibility is unmatched. Al loves this town, and nobody would fight harder for our community than he".

Campaign Director Ed Cadmus shared, "No one better understands the hardships that face this community than Al Morgan. He's one of us and understands the daily struggles we are all going through right now. Al is all about the people."

"New Providence has always been Al's home. Al was raised on Edgewood Avenue in the Oakwood Park neighborhood where his parents still live. He went through our schools, worked here, committed all his volunteering to make New Providence a great place to live, has a new small business here, and is raising his family here. Al's whole life has always been here in the Borough working for us and for the community he loves. No one could better preserve the culture and character of our town than Al Morgan," Cadmus continued.

"I am deeply concerned about the important issues facing our community: property taxes, unresolved decisions, and especially the financial impact from the recently proposed state aid cuts. I am committed to keeping New Providence safe, affordable, and preserving the character of the community I helped build along with all of you during my decades of community service as a volunteer, Cub Master, School Board Member, Councilman and Mayor," stated Morgan.

"Al has always said that a leader is only as effective as the people around him, and their willingness to work together for the common good. When Al was Mayor, the community worked together and things got done. Al was also able to keep our Municipal tax base below cap by consistently finding economies and efficiencies throughout the Borough's operations. Al is also highly respected outside our community having been elected twice to two consecutive terms as President of the Union County League of Municipalities while he was mayor. People love to work with Al making it easier to initiate cost saving joint economic ventures with both the private and public sectors, and for obtaining grant monies as he did for us before when he was mayor, " stated Cadmus.

Says Morgan, "I believe through my leadership I can bring everyone back to the table as I have before, and together forge New Providence ahead through these tough economic times. I am so grateful for everyone's support. It is truly an honor." The community is invited to meet, greet, and breakfast with Al and the slate on Sunday, April 25th anytime between 8am-12pm at a Free Pancake Breakfast Kick-Off Event hosted by his friends and supporters, with special guests, Senator Tom Kean, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, and Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, at the William Paca Club in New Providence. For more information please visit the Al Morgan for Mayor website at

Editor's Note:  Former Mayor Al Morgan, Robert Munoz and Councilman Michael Gennaro have received the endorsement of the New Providence Republican Committee for the June 8th Republican Primary and will be running on the same line.  Currently, Councilman Brooke Hern is also running for the Republican nomination for Mayor in the Republican Primary.