NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – In all well-run businesses, executives communicate annual expectations by establishing goals and objectives thus creating a clear roadmap for action.

Borough Administrator Doug Marvin is no exception. He has served in that position for 10 years, supervising all borough departments, responsible to the mayor and the Borough Council.

Recently, Marvin shared his goals with the governing body with topics that included finance, administration, engineering, public works, waste treatment, community activities and personnel.

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Regarding finance, Marvin said his goal was to have the 2015 municipal budge ready for introduction by March 13 and Borough Council adoption by April 24.

“During the last couple of months, we’ve met with department heads for any significant changes,” Marvin said. Meetings included Chief Financial Officer Kenneth DeRoberts and Finance Chairman Michael Gennaro.

Marvin said he also plans to limit the overall capital budget to $1.75 million or less, but acknowledged that exceeding that amount may be warranted if large items such as a fire truck or major DPW equipment are required.

In terms of administration, Marvin said he would require monthly department-head reports that would be shared with the Borough Council. A borough employee has also been charged with the responsibility of investigating other municipalities to improve the borough’s website. “We want to include ease of use and provide valuable continent to our residents,” he added.

There seems to be a burst of construction activity throughout the borough lately. Marvin said he would charge the Engineering Department to create a mechanism to track and update the status of projects under way.

The condition of borough sidewalk maintenance, repair and replacement has not escaped the administrator’s attention. He has asked the director of the DPW to update a list of sidewalks, in need of repair and identify missing links of sidewalks.

At minimum, missing links of sidewalks on South Street, Floral Avenue and Maple Street will be completed. The construction window is from May through September.

Regarding waste water treatment, Marvin said the borough would develop strategies to address illegal connections to the sewer system including sump pumps and roof drains.

Could a community garden be in the borough’s future? Marvin said he would enlist a group of volunteers to consider such an endeavor to consider possible sites and present a plan to the Borough Council for their consideration.

Marvin said the borough’s personnel manual would be reviewed for any necessary updates and employees would be scheduled for training as necessary.