NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – In addition to being named a National Character Education District and having completed a successful renovation project the Board of Education (BOE) heard more good news at the board’s Thursday, Oct. 12 working session. The better AP test scores and the district’s top score on New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) were pleasing news to the board.

Superintendent David Miceli delivers a presentation regarding the AP test scores in 2017. More than half of the New Providence students who took AP tests were recognized as AP scholars. In 2017 96 percent of New Providence high school students who took AP exams scored “3” or higher. Of those students 54.5 percent were recognized for their performance. The largest percentage of students taking AP exams were recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction or as National AP scholars in 2017 compared to results of the past five years.

To be recognized as an AP Scholar a students must score “3” or better on at least three AP exams. To be recognized as AP Scholar with Honors require a score of “3” or better on four AP exams and as AP Scholar with Distinction require a score of “3” or better on five AP exams. A test score of “4” or better in eight AP exams is the minimum requirement for National AP Scholars. The highest AP score is “5”.

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In 2017 a total of 143 students took AP exams. Of those 9 students were named National AP Scholars with an average score of 4.74 and 43 students (or 30.06 percent) were recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction with an average score of 4.5. In 2016 only 33 of 149 students tested made the distinction. Furthermore, nine students were recognized as AP Scholars with Honors and 17 students as AP Scholars.

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Scott Hough gave a presentation on the annual NJQSAC in which the district “routinely scores 100 percent”.

The Department of Education (DOE) has a set form of questions for which the district responds “Yes”, “No” or “N/A” and provides an explanation on the comments section of each question. For the 2017-18 school year questionnaire the district responded “Yes” in all questions scoring 100 percent on the quality assessment.

This year the questionnaire had five questions on instruction and programs, 10 questions on fiscal management, 10 questions on governance, five on personnel and 18 on operations. However, the questionnaire will change for the next school year with additional questions for each category.

Hough noted that the district is due for a DOE site visit this year. However, the DOE representatives may find the questionnaire responses sufficient and postpone the on-site visit. The last DOE inspection took place seven years ago.

The next BOE meeting will take place on Monday, Oct. 23.