NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Two New Providence Borough Council candidates, Jamie Peterson and Keith Doll, met with many commuters who are affected by the schedule changes made by NJ Transit. These commuting challenges are set to last for several weeks and will no doubt have an impact on many New Providence residents.

The candidates were at the New Providence and Murray Hill train stations offering granola bars to morning commuters and bottled water to those returning home. Jamie and Keith spoke to NP residents about their experiences with the new schedule. They were told that, so far, service seems to be running smoothly although the commute is a bit longer due to the need to now take the Path or ferry to get into New York City from Hoboken. However, the evening trains have been significantly more crowded than usual and some have even been cancelled. Some residents have opted to use the Boxcar bus service to go directly into midtown.

“The overall concern I heard was that they hoped this will not be the new normal for their commute into Manhattan”, said Peterson. “One concerned resident told me that home prices are directly linked to the proximity to mass transit and, if that system collapses, our home values drop".  

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The candidates also noted that there was more frustration with the commute home due to cancelations and confusion as to which trains they were permitted to ride with the discounted tickets they had.

Jamie and Keith understand the challenges that NP residents are facing with these commuter changes. Both of their spouses are also dealing with the same issues, commuting into the city each day, and have had to adjust their schedules accordingly.

“I’ve made that same commute for work, and I understand the challenges even when trains run on a normal schedule,” said Doll. “As candidate for New Providence Borough Council, I will fight to be a voice for families who simply want a safe and reliable ride home."