NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – The Borough Council honored the New Providence volunteer firefighters by designating May 8, 2017 as New Providence Volunteer Firefighter Appreciation Day. Council President Gary Kapner read the proclamation at the Monday, May 8 council meeting.

“Throughout our history, the American spirit has been distinguished by the ready willingness of neighbors to join together and help one another. The tradition of voluntary community service is as important today as it was in the founding years of our country,” Kapner read. This American tradition is continuing in New Providence.

“Volunteer firefighters protect our lives, our families, and the economic life of our communities from the threat of destructive fire, often at great personal sacrifice. But these volunteers are more than firefighters. In many communities, they respond to a wide range of natural and technological emergencies,” the proclamation read.

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The members of the New Providence Fire Department respond to approximately 340 calls in a typical year and spend numerous hours in training to maintain their skills. They are “a valuable resource for our community,” Kapner said.

The New Providence Fire Department has approximately 50 members. The Department also hosts a Junior Firefighting program for 16-18 year old teens. The Ladies Auxiliary members are comprised of the family members of the active firefighters.

The department is always looking for new members. The application process starts with paperwork and attendance at the department’s Wednesday night meetings. Prospective members have to be at least 18 years old, pass a physical exam as well as a background check. The new members also have to be approved by the Borough Council and the members of the Volunteer Fire Department. The applicants to the Junior Firefighter program have to have their parents’ permission. They have to be in good physical condition and must maintain good standing in both school and community.

The Fire Department will hold an Engine 2 Wetdown event to celebrate its new equipment on June 3 from6 pm to midnight. The event is dedicated to Michael J. Allocco, a member of the department for over 65 years. Food and drinks will be available. Other highlights include a DJ, 5/50 raffle and activities for children. T-shirts and mugs will be available for purchase.