Many residents and visitors are unaware that the Business Community sponsors so many New Providence activities and events.  If you shopped at the Farmer’s Market or Street Fair, you can thank the Business Community.  Watched the fireworks, ran in the 5K Race, or took your kids Trick or Treating?  All sponsored by the Business Community.  Listened to a summer concert or saw Santa downtown?  Again, brought to you by the Business Community.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  The New Providence Business Community, comprised of local retailers, restaurants, service providers, and professionals, has been working hard to make New Providence a great place to eat, shop, and live. “Many people don’t realize that if it weren’t for the Business Community, there would be no community events,” said Jimmy Vardas, Business community spokesman.  “Due to budgetary constraints, the borough was unable to continue funding these events.  The Business Community thought it was important to enhance the quality of life in New Providence, and stepped up to sponsor all of these activities.  We are happy to do this because the people who live here are our customers and clients.  We want them to know that they are important to us.”

In addition to sponsoring virtually every public event in the borough, they also funded a $3,000 Scholarship Program for deserving high school students.  They contributed generously to school events and functions, providing gift certificates, discounts, and merchandise for fund raising activities.  They also supported local charities and civic organizations with sponsorships and contributions.  “Because of the great relationship that exists between the residents of New Providence and the business community, we were able to fund these activities,” according to Michelle Brugger, New Providence Business Community spokeswoman. 

Beyond these contributions, the Business Community also creates a forum for interaction among the various businesses in town, the borough, and local government officials.  For example, in November, they invited Assemblyman Jon Bramnick to address the public about issues stemming from Hurricane Sandy.  “We are always looking for ways to facilitate cooperation and communication within the borough, and inviting public officials to address our membership and the community at large is another way of doing that,” said Michelle Brugger.

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“It’s very gratifying to be able to help our community, and we are proud of all the accomplishments we had this year,” said Brugger.  “But stay tuned - next year is going to be even better!”


Michelle Brugger is owner of Martial Arts for Life in New Providence.  Jimmy Vardas is the owner of Prestige Diner in New Providence.  The New Providence Business Community serves its members and supports the local community by funding and operating numerous community events and activities.  They also hold membership meetings to inform, educate, and create a forum for members to exchange ideas and experiences in order to build a proactive and vibrant business community. If you are a New Providence resident or business who'd like to be more involved, or for more information, visit