NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Acting on complaints from residents, New Providence Councilman Jim Madden introduced recommendations to amend an existing ordinance to tighten regulations for off-street parking in residential driveways.

Madden said there was too much latitude in the existing ordinance that allows residents to place gravel on their front yards adjacent to an existing driveway.

The councilman said the proposed revision would more closely tie the ordinance to existing building codes and specifications.

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In one case, Madden described a single garage driveway with three vehicles which is permissible. However, two of the vehicles are inoperable. To accommodate additional parking, the property owner laid down a gravel driveway. In a similar example, the property owner has resorted to using the front lawn for parking.

“If someone is going to park more than three cars on their property, they have to comply with building codes,” Madden said.

One of the proposed revisions would eliminate front-yard grass lawns as a possible location. The proposal would also allow enforcement officials to issue a warning or a summons.

Madden said the conditions have a negative impact on neighborhood property values and affect the re-sale of homes.

Council members were sympathetic to the proposed revisions but suggested further study of the situation was necessary.

In other council news, motorists who use Union Avenue will have to endure less than satisfactory road conditions until next spring.

Borough Administrator Doug Marvin said the failure of a contractor to construct ADA acceptable curb cuts for wheelchair accessibility had woefully fallen behind in the start of the project. Construction and re-paving for the $250,000 project funded by a state grant will begin next year. Marvin added the original curbing contractor has been dismissed.

John Cronin, Jr. was appointed by Mayor J. Brooke Hern with Borough Council assent to fill an unexpired term on the New Providence Library Board.