Downtown Improvement District is looking to hire a Manager/Director.  Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to:  Below is more information about the Downtown Improvement District and objectives for the position.


Goal:   Enhance Membership

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  • Listen to the concerns of the membership
  • Unify the downtown business and property owners - Get the membership involved

Goal:   Communication - Make sure everyone in the district is informed and understands why this is good for business.


  • Meet with individual property/business owners and share these goals and objectives.
  • Develop a data base with contact information for all property owners and business owners within the district.
  • Provide regular (at least monthly) updates to the district via an email blast with relevant information about projects impacting the business district.

Goal:   Create a common/shared goal or vision for the downtown.


  • Develop plan to attract shoppers to Downtown New Providence.
  • Review opportunities to enhance or ensure adequate parking – ease of access.
  • Walkability and ease of access from surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Encourage businesses to open one evening per week – it used to be Thursdays.

Goal:  Develop plan for sustained marketing effort


  • Increase the number & frequency of downtown events.
  • Develop a plan to attract & embrace Lantern Hill residents.
  • Consider a marketing plan for New Providence residents and plan to attract people from outside of New Providence.
  • Consider a marketing plan for our corporate neighbors.

Goal:  Enhance Pedestrian Safety: 


  • Consider plans that could reduce the number of driveways.
  • Work with property owners to identify and remedy poorly striped and signed parking lots.
  • Utilize off duty police officers during the holiday season to assist with traffic control and the driveways to the Village Shopping Center.
  • Consider walkability plans within the district.  Review and consider obstacles to easy pedestrian access within the district.
  • Consider mid-block crossings – on Springfield Avenue and South Street.

Goal:  Enhance beautification efforts within the district


  • Consolidation of dumpsters including dumpster enclosures.
  • Develop a plan to assure landscaping is attended to regularly.
  • Consider seasonal plantings, at least three times per year.
  • Consider seasonal holiday decorations – coordinate with banner rotation.
  • Assure Downtown maintenance is regularly scheduled (power wash sidewalks, debris removal, parking lot cleaning) – Coordinate a shared effort among property owners.

Goal:  Enhance opportunities for Outdoor seating areas.

  • Work with local officials to identify suitable locations for outdoor dining.
  • Encourage restaurants to consider outdoor dining.

Goal:               Attract new/more Business

  • Prepare a “Why move to or open a business in New Providence” fact sheet.
  • Rehabilitation of downtown properties.
  • Full utilization of limited downtown retail/restaurant space.
  • Identify and engage commercial real-estate brokers.
  • Engage absentee property owners.
  • Meet with parties interested in opening a business in New Providence and share the vision for our community.
  • Assist new businesses by proving local contacts to government officials, DID and NPBPA members.  Encourage membership and participation in both groups.

Goal:  Enhance relationship with local government(s)


  • Engage the Borough Council, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment and borough committees when appropriate. They should be aware of the goals & objectives of the district.
  • Share information with the Borough Council Liaison to the DID (currently Mayor Morgan) and ask that he share information with other members of council during his reports.

Goal:   Develop plan for financial stability of the district


  • Set aside adequate funds in the yearly budgets.
  • Manage fund balance prudently for unanticipated expenses and situations.
  • Be able to demonstrate results - a tangible return on membership’s investment