A team of four students from New Providence High School has been chosen as a top 3 finalist in the World Series of Innovation contest, sponsored by Microsoft and CocaCola. This is the second year in a row a New Providence team has made the international finals.

Students in the NPHS Computer Aided Design course divided into teams of four students each. Each team researched and gathered information, and created a new product idea, working through the design process, and communicated the product design and graphics on computer. The students worked collaboratively, defended and explained the product in an essay, and created a marketing campaign and a video commercial advertisement. The commercial was filmed using iMovie on iMac computers. Beyond the project itself, students evaluated their role in the process and came to a deeper understanding of the dynamics of teamwork in the workplace.

The New Providence team who advanced to the finals created a calcium drink idea, "Calci-Yum," and a new bottle design that "provides an efficient way to provide children with their daily intake of calcium. The product appeals to children due to its playful bottle, which manually mixes the drink, so kids will enjoy receiving their daily intake of calcium. While the bottle is fun for kids, parents are sure to appreciate it too, as it eliminates the possibility of making a mess while mixing flavoring into a beverage."