NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - New Providence residents Erin Skotarczak and Kate Ondrejko are running for a cause close to the heart of the New Providence community.  On Oct. 12, these local moms will run 26.2 miles in the Steam Town Marathon in Scranton, Pa. to raise money for New Providence resident Lucas Reiling, age 8, who has been battling brain cancer since the age of 2.

Lucas uses a wheelchair, ventilator and feeding tube, and it is his family’s dream to make their home more accessible for him.

Amy Reiling, Lucas's mother, told TAP into New Providence that “having a handicapped accessible bedroom and bathroom for Lucas would not only be a dream come true -- it is essential for Lucas as he matures.” She stated, “This space would facilitate Lucas’s independence and growth, make showering and toileting less stressful, and give his caregivers the room they need to care for him properly.”

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It would also give the family the peace of mind that they could keep their family together. She said that if the Reiling house was accessible for Lucas, “We would never have to research facilities as he grows older and more difficult to manage physically."

Donations to this fundraiser for “Raise the Roof” for Lucas can be made by clicking here.

Reiling added, “We want to thank Erin and Kate as well as the rest of the community for making this dream a possibility.”

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