Like hundreds of other towns across the country, New Providence is gearing up to see red... red ribbons, that is, which will be highly visible all around town as the community observes Red Ribbon Week, October 23 -30.

National Red Ribbon Week was first celebrated in 1988.  It was established in response to the death of Drug Enforcement Agent Enrique Camarena, who was murdered by drug dealers while on duty in Mexico in 1985.  As a memorial, Camarena’s colleagues began wearing small badges of red satin, which have come to symbolize the stand against drugs.

Today, people across the country wear a red ribbon during the last week in October to demonstrate their ardent opposition to illegal drugs.

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Each year, the New Providence Alliance to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse sponsors a week of activities in the community to raise our consciousness of the devastating drug abuse problem in our country, and to acknowledge our ongoing commitment to fight it. In New Providence, the school children will be given red bracelets to wear throughout the week as a pledge to lead a drug-free life.  Middle school students will tie red ribbons around trees in the center of town in recognition of the importance of drug education and prevention. High school students will attend an assembly on staying drug-free. Additionally, there will be a special screening of a new twenty-minute documentary based on the powerful “Every 15 Minutes” program that was held at the high school last June.  The entire town is invited to view the film at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 27th in the High School auditorium. The film will be followed by a discussion with the student participants, law enforcement officials, and members of the community who participated in the program.

Please take some time this week to discuss drug prevention with your families, colleagues, friends, and neighbors, and join us for the film screening on October 27th.

For more information, contact the New Providence Alliance to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse 908-665-1400 ext. 579.