I've come to depend upon TheAlternativePress.com as a reliable source of information about what's going on around New Providence.

I wanted to bring to your attention some information that was missing from your police blotter report about the house fire on 4/3. 

The volunteers from the New Providence Rescue Squad were also on hand providing rehab for all the fire fighters as well as checking out the residents of the home to make sure they were not hurt.

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These volunteers are usually requested to respond to every major fire in New Providence including ones like the large brush fire along the railroad tracks last year.  Unfortunately, the rescue squad often times seems to be left out of these types of reports perhaps because they don't do enough to "beat their own drum".  Perhaps you could ask your contributors and reporters to delve a bit deeper into these types of incidents in the future to make sure all our volunteer organizations receive the publicity they need so the residents understand all that they do for us.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Editor's Note:  We appreciate the thoughtful note.  We publish the police blotter exactly as we receive it.  We are not allowed to change the police blotter unless we take ownership of its content, which raises thorny legal liability issues.
That said, if there is any time where the police blotter is inaccurate or incomplete, we are happy to put an Editor's Note at the end to provide additional information.  Please email us at Editor@TheAlternativePress.com.

Also, as Mr. Meyer pointed out in follow-up correspondence with us, the Fire Department's Ladies Auxiliary also responds to these kinds of fires and works with the squad providing water and cool towels to the firefighters.  They also deserve credit for their volunteerism for our community.