NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – New Providence residents gathered to celebrate the Fourth of July at the annual Independence Day Celebration in the center of town on Sunday night.  This year's event was sponsored by Investors Savings Bank and hosted by the New Providence Business and Professional Association.

“This is the third year we’re doing this.” said Antonio Dei Medici of Investors Savings Bank.  “The Independence Day Celebration is one of the bigger community events in town and Investors Savings Bank is honored to be a part of this.  The employees of Investors Savings Bank pride themselves in being as much a part of the community as possible and wants to thank the Borough of New Providence.”

The New Providence Amateur Radio Club also provided much assistance during the event.  Barry Cohen of the Amateur Radio Club reported that eight members attended to supply radio communication for the Business and Professional Association.   Members were stationed at critical sites where they served as emergency communicators.  These sites included the parking lot, the New Providence Fire Department, the New Providence EMS, and the pyrotechnic launching site.     

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Numerous activities were organized for the Independence Day Celebration by the New Providence Business and Professional Association and its members.

Will Shaw, a juggler who performed for kids on South Street, was sponsored by McGrath’s Paint and Hardware.  Shaw provided entertainment all night and was constantly followed by a crowd of children.

Karate World – Martial Arts for Life also provided free chalk for the children who attended the Independence Day Celebration.  South Street was abounding with chalk drawings, made by kids who were eagerly visiting the tent.  Rich and Michelle Brugger of Karate World – Martial Arts for Life found it “a pleasure to provide the chalk” and “hoped that everyone had a good time with it.” 

DJ Mike Savage sat atop NP Fuel's Jets truck in the center of South Street and provided music for the celebration’s attendees.  New Providence High School graduates Ally Hern and Tim Laciano sang the National Anthem from the Jets truck, as well.

Due to the rain, however, the Tim Gillis Band concert was unfortunately cancelled.  The New Providence Downtown Improvement District intended on sponsoring this event.

Local businesses, including Zita’s Homemade Ice Cream and Towne Delicatessen and Liquors, sold food at the Independence Day Celebration.  Zita’s served ice cream to attending residents while Towne Deli sold chips, candy, cookies, Italian subs, turkey sandwiches, Gatorade, water, and their homemade Half and Half.

New Providence residents were thoroughly pleased with the night’s events.  Mother Robbie Bloom thought “It is wonderful that the kids can run and play in the street.  They can be free and I don’t have to keep my eyes on them all of the time.”

Mary Elizabeth Delia was further proof that this Fourth of July celebration was kid-friendly.  She “loved the event because it is fun for kids and you don’t have to sit around and wait for the fireworks.”