Next Tuesday is Election Day! It is an especially important election for New Providence, one that will affect your daily life. Here is an Election Day true story.

My husband, Bob, and I moved here 46 years ago, just after our marriage. He wanted to get involved in town immediately. So he worked as attorney for the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

After we were here four years and expecting our first child, he ran for borough council. We didn’t know many people yet, having worked out of town and not having any children. His opponent had lived here 25 years, had 5 children and knew many people. My husband campaigned hard visiting every home in town.

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Election Day came, but there was no clear result. It was too close to call. One day in December we got the word. He had won-by one absentee vote! He went on to win a second term, then later served as town prosecutor for over 30 years.

In case you are thinking of sitting this one out and not going out to vote, or you think you know who is going to win already, so why bother- think of his story.

It is at the local level that your life is most affected by government on a day to day basis. Local parking, traffic, taxes, zoning, garbage pick-up, recycling, safety issues, snow removal are all decided by the borough council.

Both Nadine Geoffrey and Dr. Bob Robinson have demonstrated skills that serve our town well. From the listing of their qualifications, as noted in their mailings, you can see they have translated these into many positive results for our citizens.

Show your endorsement of their efforts and support for what they have yet to accomplish by voting for them on Tuesday.

Let’s keep New Providence the town where we love to live. Your vote DOES count!


Pat Thelander