I was just in the A&P. A man was buying groceries. His hands were so frozen the cashier had to swipe his card. He is frozen in his home on Elkwood  just blocks from our Borough Hall.  He is taking care of his 82 year old mother. 

I told him our Borough Hall has a warming shelter.  He said he has 2 dogs and cannot leave them.

JCPL promised heat last Friday. 

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How can anyone not shed tears and become incensed?

When I went to the Laundromat across the street to do laundry our lovely utility trucks picked up their breakfast from our town and left.

That section of New Providence is one of the first to lose power and one of the last to regain. It has been one year since JCPL's last debacle and nothing has changed.

No information, no compassion when you call JCP&L and our Town has made no effort to evaluate the lines at most risk and consider moving them.

Lots of shame to go around.