My four years in high school have undoubtedly been some of the most important years of my life, as not only has it shaped me into the man I am today, but has paved the way towards a higher education, specifically at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. However, there is no question in my mind that my success at New Providence High School could not have been attained if it were not for my experiences with TAPinto New Providence.

Since my very first day with TAP as a young, relatively clueless freshman to over one hundred articles leading to the present day, TAPinto New Providence has impacted me in a multitude of ways.  

As a freshman with minimal writing experience and limited interaction with high school athletes and coaches, I did not know what I was getting myself into when I went to cover my first sporting event. I am not afraid to admit I was extremely nervous and I had my doubts going in, as not only had I never written an article before, but after the game I had to approach star athletes, sometimes four years older than me, in addition to the coach, something I had little faith in being able to do. When the final out was made and I approached the dugout, I did something not many fourteen year old freshman would have the guts to do. I went right up to Coach Brodeur, New Providence’s head baseball coach, and fired off questions right off the top of my head to use for my article. I followed that up with interviewing some of the players and shortly thereafter I had my first article written and published. But, little did I know that would be the first of many to come.

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Right after the first article was published, I knew I found something I fell in love with, and it was something I would want to do for years to come, not only in high school but at the college level as well. Every week I looked forward to meeting with Tim LeCras, the head sports editor for New Providence, inquiring what games I wanted to cover for the week.  Whether it was girl’s lacrosse, baseball, or an Athlete of the Week article, I always looked forward to putting pen to paper for TAPinto New Providence.

Interning for them the past four years has taught me a plethora of lessons and values I still hold true today. Originally, writing for TAP was a paying job, $25 an article, and I certainly did not mind the income. However, shortly after starting, I was informed that it was no longer a paying assignment, as it was now an internship.  Instead of deciding to slow down or stop writing completely, this motivated me even more as I received the guidance of Tim LeCras and lately, Bobbie Peer, as this extremely hands-on and engaging opportunity is not something many young writers can say that they received during their high school years. To be able to meet with an experienced, well-regarded writer on a weekly basis and learn the tricks of the trade is something I value very highly. I learned that taking advantage of the opportunities I am presented with is a major key to success, and I believe that my success with TAPinto New Providence was just that, as never quitting or giving up and pursuing challenges and opportunities made me a better writer.

Aside from the writing skills I ascertained, the people skills I learned and improved on the past four years are qualities I will retain and continue to build upon.  Interviewing coaches and athletes of various ages not only taught me how to speak and interact with different personalities, but how to create and maintain relationships that I could leverage once I graduate from college. In my professional career, whether it is in business, writing or both, I know that I will have to be able to work with various types of people, and I feel like I have excelled at that, thanks to my experiences with TAPinto New Providence. Having parents come up to me in the bleachers, or student athletes in the hallways, and telling me they love reading my articles, as well as creating relationships with many coaches and players, are just some of the things few New Providence High School students can say.

In school, I learn new things every day that will help shape my future. However, the priceless experiences and knowledge I have gained over the past four years interning for TAPinto New Providence have been truly amazing and I would not trade it for anything. I plan on continuing my writing in college as the values and lessons I have experienced is something unmatched in my life.