BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Future Civic Leaders of New Providence (FCL) are taking a new initiative this year where they teach elementary school students a wide variety of subjects. Senior Shreya Venkat, the Leadership Officer of FCL, brought this initiative to the club in order for members to make a class and show their leadership roles. For the month of March, club members Julia Dabrowska, Stephanie Liberucci, and Isabelle Marenberg, created a creative writing class.

For each Thursday in March from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., NPHS sophomores Dabrowska, Liberucci, and Marenberg invite students from the elementary schools to learn creative writing. They start their class with an informational slideshow to inform the students what genre they will be writing about. The slideshow is filled with new writing devices and techniques to help them write stories containing that genre.

After the information session, the students move on to a fun activity created by the FCL members. The activity is comprised to help the students use the new devices they have just learned about. The activities range from mystery games, in which the elementary school students have to create descriptive characters, to creating stories based on interesting passages of a certain genre.

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To conclude their creative writing class, the elementary school students practice their writing skills from that day. They write their own piece and share it with their fellow classmates and FCL teachers.

Other classes for the elementary students are in the process and will begin soon. These classes will pertain writing and other subjects such as computer science, photography, and more.

“What I love about the creative writing program is that it gives kids a personal outlet to freely write stories that genuinely interest them. They get the opportunity to improve their writing skills, while also developing their creative minds,” stated Dabrowska. As a sophomore she received the future position of Leadership Officer from Venkat. She will begin her role in the summer into her junior year. She said how the creative writing class taught her patience, and “it also helps me understand how much their individual personalities reflect in their writing.”

Continuing to next year, Dabrowska is definitely planning on continuing the courses next year since “it gives the younger students opportunities to discover things that they love doing.”

Editor's note: Elsa Berisha is a junior at New Providence High School participating in the TAPinto New Providence internship program. To learn more about the internship program, contact