When smart business people decide to go make a deal where there’s $millions at stake, both sides of the negotiation assess the risks as well as the rewards of the deal. If you were a long-term investor, you would consider the rewards of an investment, and both the short-term risks as well as the long-term risks before making a decision. You might be more inclined to invest if the risks were clear and short term but the rewards were clear and long term. But you’d be less inclined to invest if the rewards were clear but only short term and the risks were unclear both short and long term.

The rewards for voting “YES” are clear, and they are short term. The risks for voting “YES” are unclear both in the short term and long term, thanks in part to unavailable information, and an unwillingness and lack of effort on the part of the NP town council to educate the public about the risks inherent in this deal. This is such a huge decision that I feel the matter – all the facts as well as the risks should have been accurately presented to the public in a public service address by Mayor Thoms weeks in advance of the November 2nd vote. That he and the town council have not made a significant effort beyond the status quo to inform the public of all the information regarding this decision is gross negligence on the part of our public servants.

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I would like to go to the polls next Tuesday knowing all of NP’s voters are well-informed of both the rewards AND the risks, but unfortunately for today’s registered voters, I do not believe that is the case.

Instead, one of the biggest decisions NP voters will ever face, one on the scale with the very bad decision to sell Hillview School was, is about to be made by an uninformed public. I hope and pray that smarter, cooler heads prevail and the public votes “NO”, and then gets on the new town council’s back to cut a better deal with Union County than what is on the table today. A deal that looks after the interests of not only today’s kid, but all the kids for all generations to come.