The Passaic River is a silent force that runs through the town and many of us only think about it when things go wrong.  Spring floods and hurricane season cause sump pumps to work overtime and summertime brings mosquito control.  But the Passaic means much more than that to a large part of northern NJ.  It supplies drinking water to 3 million people, it is part of nearly 1,000 acres dedicated to recreation and open space.

Who is coordinating efforts to safeguard this resource as well as defining the dangers of flooding and pollution?  Well, the Passaic River Keeper Organization.  Who are they? 

The group was formed in 1969 and has been involved in flood planning, mapping, raising funds to purchase tracts to add to a riverfront park and representing the river's interests to government and the community.  The organization recently sustained the loss of its long-time leader, Ella Filippone.  The new leader, Richard Plambeck is a former mayor of Chatham Boro and a long-time resident of Chatham, very active in community affairs.

Mr. Plambeck will speak at the New Providence Memorial Library on Tuesday, April 1 @ 7:30PM on The Passaic River: Challenges, Progress & Possibilities.  377 Elkwood Avenue, New Providence, NJ  07974