NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Do you want to lower your handicap? Are you able to play eighteen holes of golf without getting tired and have your back, neck, shoulders and feet start to ache? Do you have to swallow Advils or take a prescription medication to get you through a round of comfortable, enjoyable and Pain Free Golf? How would you like to add more power and distance to your golf game? Well if you are like many Americans, then you are suffering from a wide variety of problems surrounding your physical performance and health.

Dr. Schlobohm, Director of New Providence Chiropractic, has developed a powerful and informative lecture on pain free golf. He is an expert on proper lumbar-pelvic biomechanics and posture which are necessary to enjoy the game of golf without causing injury. He is also an avid golfer and understands the golfer mentality. He specializes in keeping his patients in the game and enjoying life.

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Joining Dr. Schlobohm is Scott Riehl – Founder and Director of training of the Riehl Golf Academy in Whippany, New Jersey. Scott is a strength and conditioning coach for the PGA.

“Golf causes many spinal injuries, as well as all sports. These spinal injuries can restrict range of motion, reduce strength, slow reflexes, shorten endurance, and decrease your performance. These can be devastating to all athletes, including golfers.” commented Dr. Schlobohm.

Dr. Schlobohm is an expert in treating these types of injuries as well as providing information in preventing them from the first place. He has worked with many professional athletes and Olympians over the years. These athletes enjoy the benefits of his skill because they demand results. “My weekend athletes are even more demanding than some of our Olympians. Our golfers are probably the most demanding group in the practice. They never want to miss their round.” added Dr. Schlobohm.

Whether you experience the physical pain of injury or the mental pain of not performing your best, this lecture will show you how golf-specific fitness can increase your enjoyment of the game. Learn simple conditioning tips to prevent injury, increase drive distance, and lower your handicap.  If you are sidelined by an injury, you may get the answers you were looking for to get you back into life and back on the course.

Dr. Mark A. Schlobohm, director of New Providence Chiropractic, will be conducting the lecture on Tuesday  Nov. 29, 2011, 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  For information and registration for this workshop and other workshops call New Providence Chiropractic at 908-665-1818. If you wish to schedule a consultation with New Providence Chiropractic call  908-665-1818.