The Presbyterian Church at New Providence (PCNP) is about to begin a series of teachings devoted to improving relationships. Everyone is in relationships, family, friends, co-workers, children, spouses, and others. When it comes to the health of relationships, we all long for them to feel good and be healthy, but we may not know how to accomplish that. This series, entitled Say It With Love: Communicating What's Important to Who's Important in Your Life, will look into principles of communication that will change the way we relate to others, bringing about healthy communication and healthier relationships. This is a topic is one everyone can benefit from. We all communicate constantly, not just the obvious talking, e-mail, text, and written notes, but our body language, tone of voice, and behavior all speak volumes. And we know how painful unhealthy relationships can be.

Understanding and practicing the principles we will discover is Say It With Love can have a big impact on the health of our relationships which in turn can impact one's personal well-being. It is universal to long for healthy relationships, especially with those who matter most to you.

PCNP invites you to come for this significant series. The church is located at 1307 Springfield Ave, New Providence, NJ 07974. Our website,, lists our service times and directions. Messages can be heard through and downloaded from iTunes. Questions? Contact PCNP by e-mail or by phone 908.665.0050.