Kathy McCready, Director of Providence! Integrated Health and Fitness had a great time teaching local Girl Scouts how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

The girls participated in a fitness lesson, yoga, and meditation class, and ending with a healthy snack and nutrition session. Kathy was thrilled, “The girls were so engaged and amazing. They followed right along in all aspects of the program.” 

Laura Donath O’Brien, a Providence! Yoga Instructor, led the girls in yoga and then the meditation and was impressesed by how much the girls enjoyed this. Laura said, “It is so awesome to work with the Girl Scouts and plant the seed for wellness and healthy habits!”

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The troop could not believe how much sugar was in soda. Kathy held up a bag of sugar with the exact amount that is contained in just one can. The girls’ interest was apparent as the virtues of good salt versus bad salt were explained. The difference between steaming and boiling vegetables was discussed as well as the benefits of drizzling a little quality olive oil over your food rather that cooking with it. 

All these components earned this Girl Scout Troop their Staying Fit Badge. Kathy and Laura were delighted to lead the girls to success and look forward to presenting this program to other Girl Scout Troops.

For more information contact: Providence! Health and Fitness, 18 South Street, Second Floor, New Providence, NJ 07974. Call 908-898-0008, email kathy@providencehealthandfitness.com or visit www.providencehealthandfitness.com.