The ancient discipline of Tai Chi Chuan was developed hundreds of years ago in China, as a system of “internal” martial arts, and a gentle exercise intended to promote a meditative connection between mind and body.  Tai Chi Chuan, literally translated as “Grand Ultimate Boxing,” is characterized by slow movements specially designed to help promote the flow of energy through the body, enhancing one’s health, well being, and stamina.  When coupled with Chi Kung, or “Life Energy Cultivation,” this internal martial arts system helps practitioners relieve stress and tension, improve blood oxygen saturation levels, reduce blood pressure, and aid individuals in attaining better health.  The National Institute of Health confirms Tai Chi is both a weight bearing exercise as well as an aerobic exercise, providing a broad range of benefits to those who are regular practitioners.

In this free introductory session, attendees will learn some Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung basics they can start applying immediately:

●How to use “water breathing” to help calm oneself and relax.

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●Use the principle of “differentiating substantial from insubstantial” to improve balance.

●Apply ancient precepts of “rooting” and “three powers” to align the body for maximum flow of energy.

●Practice movements that are designed to help flush toxins from the body.

Participants should wear loose fitting clothing to allow for comfortable movement during the session.

The instructor for the session will be Stephen Matthaey, co-founder of Traditional Tai Chi Chuan Associates of America.  Stephen has studied internal and external martial arts with several masters, focusing on the application of Tai Chi and Chi Kung to improve health for the last fifteen years.  He has taught many students over the years, including conducting classes at Saint Clare’s Center for Alternative Medicine in conjunction with Dr. John Brent Forward.