NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Providence! Integrated Health and Fitness is now the go to hub for a new program called “Barre Intensity.” The creator of the program came to the South Street location to teach Kathy McCready [studio owner] not only to teach the program to her clients but to also to certify other instructors on this method.

Barre Intensity, which is now offered at Providence! is not your average barre technique, it is more intensive, “It is more of a functional fitness training program, so it incorporates barre, but it keeps the heart rate elevated on and off, it’s more of a circuit type program,” said McCready the founder and director of Providence!. “Research has shown that a workout where your heart goes up and down is the most effective in maintaining or losing weight,” she added. The creator of the program, Stephanie Lyons, came to McCready’s South Street studio not only for the instructors at Providence! to learn the program, but to be able to certify other instructors in the method. Now Providence! will be an instructor training facility in Barre Intensity.

McCready has an impressive resume, a Julliard trained ballerina who danced at 13 under the direction of George Balanchine, she went on to perform classical ballet across the United States. She has created, managed and directed exclusive wellness and fitness centers throughout the country and is certified in physiologies such as Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Hatha yoga and is a massage therapist.

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McCready’s studio has been expanding its reach since it opened its doors in late 2014, “It slowly has been growing, just by changing the program and listening to the community and what they want, we now have people coming from the surrounding towns and communities.” She wants to include people from all levels of fitness, “We welcome everyone, we complement the Barre Intensity with our yoga programs, I have Restorative yoga, traditional Hatha Flow yoga and Vinyasa Flow,” she added.  She welcomes beginners and offers alternatives to veterans of exercise, “We offer all levels of yoga training.” In addition Providence! offers Zumba, Pilates, GYROTONIC® personal training, teen and tween yoga, and interval training to name a few.  They also offer massage therapy, hot stone therapy and nutritional counseling.

McCready stresses that the body isn’t made for intensive workouts every day, “The body shouldn’t be doing high intensity workouts seven days a week, it’s not healthy. It causes inflammation and inflammation causes arthritis.” She suggests only two high intensity workouts a week, two medium intensity and two low, “You can’t maintain high intensity,” which may come as welcoming news to those intimidated by the thought of even starting a fitness program. McCready is eager to help anyone with a desire to learn what she has to offer, “This is a very non-competitive atmosphere, we don’t wear fancy yoga clothes and the classes aren’t massive so we can help each individual with modifications to fit their level of conditioning.”

“New Providence kind of saved my life,” acknowledged McCready. She ran Terra Sky in Summit and then wanted to open her own studio, “I tried a lot of towns, and ran into road blocks,” and one day while driving down South Street she saw the space was for lease, “I called about the lease and the town was so friendly and helpful getting me started.” She has gained an appreciation for life in New Providence, “As I drove here this morning and I got to the center of town, I thought, it’s just so beautiful here, there was a dad with his little girl in the bicycle behind him and another little one in a seat, there was a husband and wife jogging, someone walking their dog, another person just walking, it’s just so nice here.”

Providence! Integrated Health and Fitness offers gift certificates and massage packages for Mother’s Day.  Stop in on May 11 for “Sip,Shop and Share” at 7 p.m., a night out to celebrate mom that includes a wine tasting, skincare treatments, make-up styling, raffles and shopping at their boutique.

For more information visit their website or call (908) 898-0008