High school has provided me with endless opportunities and taught me so many valuable lessons that has shaped me into the determined, confident individual I am today. Most importantly, high school has allowed me to pursue a passion.

New Providence High School has enabled me to have so much freedom; whether it is choosing what courses I want to take, participating in clubs, joining one or multiple sports teams, trying out for the musical; whatever it is, I was so fortunate to have these options. Academically, NPHS has challenged me by allowing me to take honors and AP courses to prepare for the future.

Putting the academics aside, what has really impacted me was the fact that through a newly added club, I was able to find a passion. My sophomore year, photography became an option for me when the new Photo Journalism Club was approved by the school administration. With little skill in photography, I picked up a camera and began shooting sporting events, birthday and graduation parties.  

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This hobby turned into a passion.  I was promoted to Chief Editor of the club beginning my junior year.  It became my responsibility to keep the program organized by updating the weekly schedules, ensuring that we were properly staffed, and provided help to the underclassmen, who looked to me for guidance. In addition, I was also offered an internship with TAPinto.  This internship further allowed me to refine and practice what I learned in my high school photography class and fueled my enthusiasm even further. NPHS has afforded me a great opportunity to uncover a hobby that turned into a lifelong passion.

Editor's Note: Hannah is a senior at New Providence High School participating in the high school intern program with TAPinto New Providence. If you would like to learn more about the intern program, contact bpeer@tapinto.net.