NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Rebecca Bucossi, the Salt Brook School (SBS) Teacher of the Year, received the Golden Apple award from Superintendent of Schools David Miceli at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, March 30.

SBS Principal Jeannie Drexinger accompanied by second grade students walked to the front of the room and asked Bucossi to come join them for a surprise.

Drexinger said she and the students worked on "a secret project at lunch," and came up with a special way to honor their teacher. They wrote their thoughts down, then they "put their ideas together" and came up with a poem that tells everyone "why they feel their teacher deserves to be teacher of the year."

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With that introduction, the students read their poem, much to the obvious delight of Bucossi and the crowd.

Miss Bucossi

You are funny, you are caring
You are always sharing.

You are kind. You are sweet
You are really a treat.

We like the posters you make
And the pumpkin seeds you bake.

We had fun making paper shoes
For the sneaky leprechaun to use

We love your sense of humor,
And that is not just a rumor

You always look nice.
You give good advice.

You are so funny,
You're as cute as a bunny.

When things get hard
You tell us 'Keep trying,' and then give us a star.

You deserve the golden apple as a Teacher of the Year.
So now we are going to give you a big CHEER!

One, two, three 
We love you Miss Bucossi!