As an informed citizen of New Providence, I find the recent article concerning Brooke and Stephanie Hern’s personal lives very inappropriate.  I am not sure what good it does for our community to know anything of this nature, regardless of whom it concerns and regardless of whose “side” is being told.  This kind of knowledge is not necessary for the average citizen of New Providence to be able to make an informed decision regarding town politics, and therefore has no business being published in such a manner.

As the daughter of both Brooke and Stephanie Hern, I find this extremely hurtful.  Nobody has any business knowing any of the personal issues among our family.  My mother is a private citizen of this town and did not consent to any of this information.  This course of action is not just hurtful to Stephanie.  It is hurtful to me, an eighteen-year-old college student, it is hurtful to my brother, a twelve-year-old seventh grader, and it is hurtful to my sister, a nine-year-old fourth grader.  We innocent bystanders need not to be dragged into the public eye.  Yet we keep finding ourselves there and by such damaging means.

My mother is the strongest, most kind, most altruistic person I know.  She has gone to hell and back to try and give us a normal standard of living.  She is supportive.  She without fail has been present at every performance I have ever done.  She is loving, and she is nurturing.  She is a best friend to my peers and to her own.  She is funny, caring, passionate, and hard working.  People are entitled to believe what they wish, but no one deserves to be forced into the spotlight like this.  Whoever took part in the publication of this disgrace of an article should be ashamed. 

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Allyson Hern

Editor's Note:  This letter concerns this article published on The Alternative Press.  The article included emails that were sent by Mayor Hern and an anonymous individual to hundreds, if not thousands, of New Providence residents.  We wrote the article and published the emails because they are newsworthy and a matter of public concern as they deal with accusations made against Mayor Hern and his rebuttal to them.  It is our unfortunate responsibility to do so.  We published the emails in their entirety since that is how they were distributed and so our readers could form their own opinions regarding the issues raised.  As for the article itself, The Alternative Press does not wish to cause any harm to Stephanie Hern, her children, or Mayor Hern, for that matter.  As a newspaper accredited by the New Jersey Press Association, we are reporting on these issues to provide our readers with the information they may need to make informed decisions regarding Mayor Hern and the governance of the Borough.  We take no joy in doing so, particularly as residents of this great Borough.