In response to Mr. Jones’s letter to the editor, obviously I had a personal interest in the LNR properties variance application, as a resident of Lavina Ct. I think my April 3 and August 21 letters to the editor speak for themselves. I would agree that LNR properties did make a limited effort to address the concerns listed in my April 3rd letter. Additionally I have never called for denial of LNR properties variance application.

If you have an issue with how the zoning board of adjustments meetings are conducted, you should take it up with them. I am not a member of the zoning board of adjustment.

Lastly, I submit my credentials/bio with every letter to the editor, I’m proud of my community service. Lately sees fit to edit them out. Maybe the editor can speak to that.

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Gary Kapner is a twenty year resident of New Providence and along with his wife, Rachel, owns Creative Wallcoverings & interiors located at 560 Central Avenue.  Gary is a past president of the New Providence Business and Professional Association, a board member of the New Providence Downtown Improvement District, a member of the New Providence Planning Board, a board member of the Suburban Chamber of Commerce, and candidate for Borough Council.

Perhaps Mr. Jones should have spoken at a zoning board of adjustment meeting or written a letter to the editor in support of LNR Properties prior to the denial of their variance application.



Gary Kapner

Editor's Note:  We apologize for not including Mr. Kapner's bio on some of his previous letters.  It was inadvertent on our part.