We love this town, our town.  Its roots stretch deep in each of us, drawing us back even after years long absences.  This is why my parents returned to their hometown to raise three sons after a stint living elsewhere in NJ.  They knew New Providence's simple charm and sense of community couldn't be replicated or replaced.  

Many years later, my brothers and I remained in town and were active volunteers until necessity forced us to move out of town.  Even still, the phrase "returning home" is merely shorthand for "returning to New Providence."  Now, my wife and I hope to return home to continue building the life I was fortunate enough to start in our small town.  God willing, we will.

So when my childhood orthodontist called me this summer and said "Dominick, I've decided to run for re-election and I need your support," I knew he was asking me as a friend, not a resident.  I agreed without hesitation, not only because of our friendship but also because I am grateful to him for the work he had done on council.  Someday, if I am fortunate enough to return home, I hope to benefit from his efforts as you do.

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Our town has been named one of the best places to live in NJ, and one of the safest in the nation.  This is a testament to the work he, other municipal leaders and volunteers have done.  I am grateful to all of them.  

But some would have us believe otherwise.  Rather than acknowledge the role of local leaders on local government, they look away from our town to distract us with promises of a better state, a better nation and even a better world.  The problems facing the world outside of New Providence cannot be understated.  But those problems cannot be solved from the dais of the council chambers in New Providence, as they would have you believe.  

Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy understand our town and its challenges.  They know how local government works and they know to use its resources wisely to improve the lives of its citizens.  They understand the role of local leadership, and they are humble enough to embrace it.   They have devoted their time and energy not to the pursuit of politics but to the often mundane matters of small town life that require constant attention to preserve its quality. And they are singularly focused on New Providence. 

Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy aren't only friends to many of us, they are already public servants.  And it would serve New Providence well to let them continue.  

On November 7th, please vote for Bob Robinson and Nadine Geoffroy.

- Dominick M. Fiorilli