NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - New Providence Mayor J. Brooke Hern is, in fact, a partner for a New York-headquartered law firm, contrary to rumors and an email circulating among Borough residents. 

Questions were raised after Mayor Hern posted on social media that he was now a partner at the firm of Peltz, Walker and Hern.  At the time, the Peltz Walker website listed the firm as Peltz, Walker, not Peltz, Walker & Hern and did not mention him anywhere on the site.  When The Alternative Press called the firm to verify Mr. Hern's employment, the receptionist at Peltz Walker stated Mr. Hern did not work there.  Another website, Petlz, Walker & Hern, was located by The Alternative Press which had Peltz spelled "Petlz" and only discussed Mr. Hern and not the firm or the other partners, adding to the confusion.  Soon thereafter, unrelated to the inquiry being conducted by The Alternative Press, a resident of New Providence circulated an email to many Borough residents raising similar issues.

After further investigation by The Alternative Press, Mr. Hern explained that the Peltz Walker website had not yet been updated and that because he is working out of the New Jersey office of the firm, the New York receptionist had not yet met him.  He said that the website would be updated to show he worked at the firm.

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An examination by The Alternative Press of the website of the law firm, Peltz Walker, which is located at the same 222 Broadway, New York City, address given in the Linked In law firm listing for Hern, does now in fact indicate that the mayor is a partner of the firm’s New Jersey office, Peltz, Walker & Hern, in Short Hills and chairs the firm’s long-term disability benefits department, as stated on Linked In and referred to on