New Providence, NJ – The life-saving anti-texting program entitled “Sack the Phone”is coming to the New Providence National Night Out Event being held on Tuesday Aug 7 from 6-9PM.

TWD– (Texting While Driving) has become the new DUI, and is a rapidly- growing epidemic on our roadways. Distracted Driving accounts for AT LEAST 3400 deaths and 200,000 injuries among drivers of all ages each year. (See:  Many experts believe that Texting While Driving is vastly underreported, and has actually become the #1 cause of distracted driving crashes.

Equally alarming, is that pedestrian fatalities have reached an all-time high of 6000 + per year( The phone is considered the main culprit here also, as more and more people cannot disengage from their phones even while crossing the street.

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The objective of the "Sack the Phone"program (or STP for short) is to get drivers of all ages to establish the life-saving habit of putting the phone away before and while they drive (much like clicking a seatbelt). Unlike other programs, Sack the Phone does not lecture about the dangers of driving distracted, rather it teaches drivers the "5 Essential Actions for Safe Driving.” 

A Free Phone Sack will be distributed to every family member who has their own phone (regardless of age)thanks to 3 community-minded local businesses; Colonial Appliance, Barth’s Market, and the Parents’ Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths, NOW!

The STP program was designed by Bob Ragazzo, a certified Defensive Driving Instructor, in order 
to prevent these thousands of senseless tragedies. Bob is the Founder of the non-profit, Parents' Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths NOW! and the concerned Father of two young drivers.