NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Assistant Principal Jonathan Firetto was recognized as an Impact Teacher at the Thursday, Oct. 17 Board of Education meeting. Superintendent David Miceli explained that Director of Special Services Joseph Harvey had recommended Firetto for his contribution to the special education programs. Harvey had also written the statement that Miceli read at the meeting.

Firetto was honored for going “up and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all our students have a meaningful school experience, even during the time when most are not at school,” Miceli read. The statement complimented Firetto for having strong leadership skills combined with willingness to serve students. During his New Providence School District tenure Firetto has served as a regular education teacher for grades 3 and 4, a special education teacher for a self-contained Full Day Preschool Autistic Program classroom, and a teacher and administrator for the district’s summer extended school year (ESY) program. Extended School Year programs are available for Special Education students in grades K-12 who qualify for the program.

During his teaching days Firetto volunteered to work in the ESY program’s Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) based preschool program designed for 3 and 4-year old students. He approached it “with maximum effort”, Miceli said. When he became assistant principal at Salt Brook School three years ago he continued to serve in this program as an administrator. During this past summer he was ready to help out as an administrator for the ESY program again. He had already done much of the groundwork that was required for the program in the spring. “However, this year we had a problem. While we had a dedicated and knowledgeable support staff to assist students in this program, we did not have an experienced teacher to lead the way – so Mr. Firetto helped out again,” Miceli stated.

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“He chose to roll up his sleeves and jump into the most challenging of the ESY programs, preparing individual lesson plans, collecting data, and guiding aides and related service providers. He chose to do whatever he could to ensure that all students in the ESY program received quality instruction that has helped to guide them into this school year,” Miceli said. He did this while working with the new administrator for the ESY program to prepare her for her new role.

New Providence has a relatively small staff of dedicated educators who are often called on to think out of the box, to solve problems or to step out of their comfort zone to serve students. “This summer Mr. Jon Firetto exemplified those strengths and demonstrated both strong professional integrity and the warmth and compassion of a true educator,” Miceli stated.