Summer is here.  Pedestrian traffic in our downtown, on our main thorough fares and on residential streets has increased significantly.  Bikers, joggers, neighbors out for walks, and children of all ages are out and about on New Providence streets.  As a community we need to slow down, allow extra time to get to our destinations, and be aware of and obey the posted speed limits. We must be aware of designated cross walks and be on the lookout for pedestrians crossing mid-block. Drivers must yield to pedestrians.  Vehicles stopped in the lane of traffic may be doing so to allow pedestrians the opportunity to cross. Be sure there is no one crossing the street before passing on the right.

Be patient.  Allow other drivers the opportunity to make a left out of the Village Shopping Center or into the Adam’s Shopping Center and please put down your cell phones. As residents we need to set the tone for out of town drivers. If we slow down and are mindful of pedestrians and speed limits, it will force other traffic to do the same. 

The New Providence Police Department has recently expanded the number of patrol officers and is working very hard on enforcement. It’s a community effort and everyone needs to be part of the solution.

Let’s all slow down and have great safe summer in New Providence!